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The timber is a Medium Hardwood with a density of 580-820 kg/m3 air dry. The timber is suitable for medium construction, posts, beams, joists, rafters, door and window frames and sills, fender supports, telegraphic and power transmission posts and cross arms, flooring, staircase (treads, angle blocks, rough brackets, bullnose, riser, balustrade, carriage, stringers, round end and winder), vehicle bodies (frame-work, floor boards and planking), ship and boat building (keels, keelsons and framework), pallets (heavy and permanent types), tool handles (impact), cooling tower (structural members), plywood, laboratory benches, column (light duty) and railway sleepers. In domestic flooring and internal fittings where finished appearance is important, care should be taken in fixing because of a tendency to develop an unsightly black stain in contact with iron nails, screws or other fittings.

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